Foundation "Support for the Art in Bulgaria" Virtual Museum Boris Denev and Slavka Deneva

The project is with the financial support of Department “Culture” of Municipality Sofia

News I

In February 2017 the work on the creation of the Virtual Museum "Boris Denev and Slavka Deneva" began. With the participation of Martina Koleva, Martin Kostashki and Andrea-Filipa Zidarova, the students at the National Academy of Arts, and Natasha Noeva from the UBA, preparations were made for taking and producing passports of the works from the collection of 900 paintings, 7000 drawings, personal archive donated to UBA by Slavka Deneva. The next stage involves the selection and digitization of the museum fund.


News II

In October 2017, the art critic Natasha Noeva demonstrated Virtual Museum “Boris Denev and Slavka Deneva” to the students from the National School of Applied Arts "Saint Luca", students from the New Bulgarian University, artists and admirers of visual art and with the artist Silvia Bogoeva presented the opportunities offered by the new media and digital technologies to meet the works of the classics of contemporary Bulgarian art B. Denev (1883-1969) and his daughter Slavka Deneva (1929-1984).