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Dear colleagues,

 The Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA) has the pleasure of bringing to your attention the products of the world-famous English company Durston, manufacturer of jewellery machines, equipment and instruments. Until recently obtaining such instruments in Bulgaria was nothing short of an ‘epic adventure’ involving either impossibly high costs or exhausting and often futile attempts at approximating their quality by producing them in non-factory conditions. Our improved standard now makes possible something previously unimaginable – the purchase of professional equipment of proven quality. In our desire to take advantage of this opportunity we negotiated with Durston to retail its products. This means that orders may be placed directly with the Union, in the manner specified below. Detailed information on prices and technical parameters may be found on the recently revamped website of the company at

Please note that all listed prices are net of VAT. Other expenses that will need to be taken into account are bank fees and shipping costs which will vary depending on whether individual or groupage shipping is requested. An advance payment of 100% of product value is a mandatory requirement. Estimated time for a standard delivery to Sofia is 15 days following payment.

A 10% discount on listed prices will be offered to regular Union members.

Further information may be obtained by calling 0879 31 33 79, Ivaylo Dzhenev.


From the website:

Durston Tools is the world’s #1 manufacturer of rolling mills & tools for the jewellery industry. Our products are available in over 50 countries, and we work with over 250 of the best jewellery industry dealerships around the world.

We are a family business founded in Britain in 1961. Since then, we have consistently grown year-on-year in regards to the range of products we offer, our reputation globally and the scale of our business. Throughout this growth, we have never compromised on the quality of the tools that we design and create and we pride ourselves on an enviable reputation in the marketplace.

 We have invested heavily in our technology, design & processes to ensure we consistently deliver superior value for money, the highest levels of craftsmanship combined with on-time delivery.


What do people say when they talk about Durston Tools? Common words we hear are ‘highest quality’, ‘very reliable’, ‘built with precision’ and ‘extremely durable’. It has been said that a Durston rolling mill can often outlive its owner and we have heard many stories of our mills being passed down through generations.

Since our inception over 50 years ago, we have built an enviable reputation for outstanding product quality with a robust British manufacturing heritage. We have also been humbled to have twice won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, an exclusive award given each year on the Queen’s Birthday, to recognise our innovation and success in international trade.


In the 1960’s Durston Tools only built rolling mills. Today, we offer a comprehensive range of tools for jewellery manufacturers and makers.

Our current product range includes everything from dapping sets, cupola sets, polishing machines, disc cutters, ring stretchers, jewellery making consumables as well as ingot moulds.  Most recently, we have added a full range of jewellery furniture; ranging from work benches to chairs, to stands and lighting solutions.

We are committed to continuing to invest heavily in new product development to continue to expand our range, all underpinned by the same quality and attention to detail you expect from Durston Tools.


Whether our dealers are large multi-nationals or local ‘mom & pops’ jewellery stores, we understand and appreciate the key role our dealers play in our operation.

We have flexible commercial terms to fit with your dealership’s stage and scale and we support you every step of the way.

Our dedicated dealership account management team is here to support our dealers’ product selection, priority orders and to update them on the latest innovations and product developments.

If we don’t currently work with you but you are interested in becoming an authorised Durston Tools dealer, click the link below to find out more or get in touch.


Durston rolling mills and tools can be found in jewellery schools, jewellery manufacturers, professional designer/maker workshops as well as hobbyist studios all over the world.

Our customers are passionate about creating the highest quality of jewellery with tools that present fantastic value for money and that are designed and built to last a lifetime.

Durston Tools has a dedicated customer service team that is ready to help you with any product enquiry you may have. Find out more about international shipping options or shop online now to benefit from up to 12 months 0% interest-free credit.


These are the values that underpin our business:


We are committed to constantly improving our customer service and listening to our customers and dealers.


We obsessively seek to improve our product designs, manufacturing processes and build quality.


With dealers, customers and suppliers, we believe in building and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships.


We embrace that new product development and product innovation is a continuous process at the heart of our business operation.


Quality is the bedrock of the reputation Durston Tools has built. We will continue to have an unwavering focus on product quality.


As a British family business, we are passionate about manufacturing in the UK and the heritage and pedigree this brings with it.