Union of Bulgarian Artists / News Results from the competition for preparation for conceptual architectural project for „RECONSTRUCTION, RENOVATION AND FAÇADE DESIGN OF THE NATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTRE AT 6, SHIPKA STR., SOFIA, BULGARIA

  • William Matthews Associates - United Kingdom
  • William Matthews Associates - United Kingdom
  • William Matthews Associates - United Kingdom


The international architectural competition for the building of the Union of Bulgarian Artists at 6 Shipka Str. was announced at 13th of January 2014. The documentation for the competition was bought by 127 Bulgarian and foreign architects, studios and architectural teams from which 83 took part in the competition with their projects. Among them there were authors from Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, USA, Australia, Russia, Netherlands, Qatar, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Macedonia and others.

The members of the jury: arch. Atanas Panov (Sofia, Bulgaria), chosen for a chairman, arch. Caro van de Venne (Rotterdam, Netherlands); arch. Karli Luik (Tallin, Estonia); arch. Petar Todorov (Vienna, Austria); arch. Georgi Katov (Sofia, Bulgaria); prof. Svetoslav Kokalov (Sofia, Bulgaria – Rector of the National Art Academy); prof. Bozhidar Ionov (Sofia, Bulgaria – professor at the National Art Academy); Anjelo Krassini (Sofia, Bulgaria – vice president of the UBA) and Lyuben Genov (Sofia, Bulgaria – president of the UBA) was in session and choose to give the award to the following three projects:

  1.   William Matheus Associates - William Matthews (United Kingdom)
  2.   Team: Simeon Stoilov, arch. Ivan Dragoshinski, arch. Anastasia Atanasova and candidate arch. Dina Dragoshinska (Bulgaria)
  3.   „Architectural studio” – arch. Teodor Todorov (Bulgaria)

Among the favorites for the award were the projects of: F.DELI E F.SABATINI ARCHITETTI ASSOCIATI (arch. Francesco Deli and arch. Francesco Sabatini – Italy); ADA – ARCHITECTURE DESIGN AGENSY ООD (arch. Ivo Pantaleev and CO); KONKURENT 90 ООD (arch. Damyan Tomalevski and arch. Lozan Lozanov; ARCHITECTURE ABD DESIGN ЕООD (arch. Stefan Dobrev); ARHITECTONIKA STUDIO ООD; arch. Petar Belev and arch. Sarah Bakail; BOEGL GIERER ARCHITECTEN Gmbh (Germany); B-12 ООD – arch. Petar Tornyov; MAO – MARTINS ARCHITECTURE OFFICE – Jose Martins; NULLSTELLEN LABORATORY (Greece); arch. Petar Stapov and arch. Boyko Gramenov; STUDIO BENAIM – Andre Benaim, Massimiliano Arnone, Fabio Azzato, Federico Biasci, Stanimir Tonev, Lonni Gorlach (Italy).

The opening of the exhibition of the competition projects when the winners will be awarded will took place in 8th of May at 6 p.m. at the first floor of the Gallery of the UBA at 6 Shipka Str. and the exhibition will last until the 17th of May.



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