Union of Bulgarian Artists members

Tania LAAKMAN Section: textiles

Dimitar LACHEV Section: wood carving

Ivan LAKREV Section: graphic design

ILIYAN LALEV Section: painting

Elena LALEVA Section: restoration

MIHAIL LALOV Section: painting

Irena LAMBADZHIEVA Section: design

Ognian LAMBEV Section: graphic design

Todor LAMBOV Section: sculpture

Veselin LAMBREV Section: sculpture

Ivan LAMBROV Section: monumental arts

Maria Landova Section: art criticism

KRISTIAN LAPCHEV Section: painting

Angelina LAPTEVA Section: art criticism

Galina LARDEVA Section: art criticism

Anna LASKOVA Section: scenography

Mara LATEVA Section: sculpture

Nikola Lazarov Section: print and illustration

Stefan LAZAROV Section: sculpture

Lyubomir LAZAROV Section: sculpture

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