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14.02.14 - 25.02.14 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening - 14th of February, 6 p.m.

During this year's admission session for new members, the Union of Bulgarian Artists fill its ranks with 97 authors divided in the following sections: " Painting ", "Sculpture", "Monumental arts", "Design", "Ceramics", "Textile", "Wood carving", "Comics", "Jewels", "Cartoon ", "Scenography", "Section 13", "Advertising Design", " Graphic Design", "Graphics and Illustration" and "Art criticism". The most of the candidatures were about the sections "Painting", "Sculpture", "Comics" and "Advertising Design".

The variety of genres and styles constitutes the colorful kaleidoscope of this exhibition in which each newly admitted is presented with one work. It hasn’t the intentions to be exhaustive or to identify trends and aims to familiarize the audience in Sofia with the style of these authors for which we are about to hear.