Union of Bulgarian Artists members

Ivan YAHNADZHIEV Section: painting

Krasimir YAKOV Section: sculpture

Todor YALAMOV Section: ceramics

Aneta YALAMOVA Section: painting

Segei YANAKIEV Section: sculpture

Atanas YANAKIEV Section: scenography

Nikolai YANAKIEV Section: painting

Galina YANAKIEVA Section: textiles

Stefania YANAKIEVA Section: art criticism

Nevelina YANAKIEVA Section: ceramics

Margarita YANCHEVA Section: caricature

Nikolina YANCHEVA Section: textiles

Luyba YANCHULEVA Section: graphic design

Borislav Yanev Section: painting

Kiro YANEV Section: sculpture

Andrei YANEV Section: monumental arts

Stefan YANEV Section: painting

Zhivko YANEV Section: painting

Deyan YANEV Section: painting

Boyan YANEV Section: print and illustration

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