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25.11.19 - 02.12.19 |


On this 23 November 2019 the International Jury members:

Bouyan Filchev, Bulgaria

Edvin Dragichevic, Croatia

Lyuben Genov, Bulgaria

Pedro Galilea, Spain

Rateb Shaban, Jordan

reviewed the participating prints in the  8th International Triennial of Graphic Arts – Sofia 2019 and decided to present the following awards:



Ivan Velchev - solo exhibition, painting

23.10.19 - 09.11.19 |

opening - 23 October, 18:00

Ivan Velchev belongs to the group of Pleven artists, the generation of interesting artists who appeared on the stage in the 1980s. His work during this period is connected with unconventional art.

For his self exhibition at the Rayko Alexiev Gallery the author has selected works from the last eight years.

The central picture in the exhibition somewhat sums up the author's message. It was called the "Refuge" - a haven of rest, lust than real habitation; a state in which "the spirit can rest". "I don't want it to be just a hiding place. I find it a very important part of the creative process - a special territory, indivisible. 


Festival of contemporary bulgarian ceramics - Sofia 2019

04.09.19 - 27.09.19 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

opening - 4th of September, Wednesday, 18:00

The Festival of Contemporary Bulgarian Ceramics presents original works by Bulgarian artists created over the last three years. It is open to all artists working with ceramic materials. 

This year, 39 participants of different ages and ceramic styles will perform in the exhibition. 

Antonina Konzova, a famous ceramic artist, will be specially presented at the festival. 


Ivan Valkanov - paintings

09.07.19 - 25.07.19 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"


J.Pank (Jordan Pankov)

05.06.19 - 30.07.19 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

vernissage - 5th of July, 18:00 - 20:00


Hand and Mind - Narrations in Art. PAPER. THERESE WEBER (Swiss Artist)

14.05.19 - 07.06.19 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

Opening: 14 May, Tuesday, 5:30pm

The Union of Bulgarian Artists UBA, under the patronage of the Embassy of Switzerland in Bulgaria, presents the large scale solo exhibition ‘Paper – Hand and Mind. Narrations in Art’ of the Swiss artist Therese Weber at the Rayko Alexiev Gallery, from May 14th to June 7rd, 2019.

Therese Weber is one of the most important protagonists of ‘Paper Art’ and an acclaimed representative of the contemporary Swiss art scene. Based on her artistic research on paper, its creation and its tradition, at present time she is mainly active in the field of pulp painting: For her works, Therese Weber creates her artwork from coloured pulp (natural fibre) by pouring and forming handmade paper, and combines this as her particular creative medium with drawings, prints and photography to explore new dimensions. Showcasing more than 50 works, this comprehensive exhibition offers a complex and varied panorama of her oeuvre, and also of different techniques and approaches she used during the last 25 years. Therese Weber has been doing research for many years in Asia, Central Asia, the Caucasus and in 2018 for the first time in the Balkan region. The exhibition in Sofia presents Therese Weber’s works to the Bulgarian audience for the first time.


"Look at everything first with silence". Painting by Yana Stoycheva

03.05.19 - 28.05.19 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

opening - 3rd of May, 18:00

We live in a time when our contemplative abilities are threatened by dissipation. This inevitably brings out every reason for everything we approve or not outside of us. Explaining a solid position on a given subject in some cases becomes "proof" of the existence as a different entity, such as a feat against a vague opponent, domestic heroism, all for one-time noisy use. A controversy arises, mostly based on subjective allegations. In this closed circle, sometimes it turns out that we have bitten our own tail, and our good intentions of influence and change have not been materialized.


Painting by Yordan Kissiov

18.04.19 - 09.05.19 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

opening - 18th of April, Thursday, 18:00

Yordan Kisyov is among the most prominent Bulgarian artists of the last decades. He is a bold experimenter, looking for unconventional means of expression for his large format painting and the installations he makes. He works at the border between collage, sculpture and painting.



04.04.19 - 24.04.19 | Spaces outside UBA

Red point Gallery

24, "St. Cyril and Methodius" str., Sofia

Opening: 4 April, 18:30 

This initiative is the work of a team of members of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and aims to promote contemporary woodcarving on a national scale.

The event is a traveling exhibition of wood sculptures and wood reliefs and will take place in the cities of Sofia, Tryavna, Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo and Pleven. The participants are Bulgarian woodcarvers and sculptors working in this field, and the works have been created in the last few years. The authors are: Aleksandrina Ivanova, Aleksandar Vassilev, Angel Stefanov, Anton Georgiev, Boyan Aleksandrov, Valentin Mitev, Vladimir Michev, Georgi Velikov, Daniel Mirchev, Denitsa Dakova, Diana Vasileva, Dimitar Dimitrov – Gotsak, Dimitar Mitev, Ivaylo Minchev, Ivan Bubev, Ivan Tsekin, Iliya Vladimirov, Ilona Zaharieva, Yordan Yordanov, Kamen Simov, Mariana Maneva, Martin Georgiev, Mityo Mitev, Nikolay Martinov, Orlin Ivanov, Orfey Mindov, Petko Nedyalkov, Radko Valchev, Roman Sinapov, Robert Tsanev, Stelian Steliyanov, Hristo Kirilov, Yavor Tanev…


Tsviatko Ostoich - painting, photography, graphic design, drawings

29.03.19 - 13.04.19 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

opening - 29th of March, 18:00

Tsviatko Ostoich is known for his work in the field of graphic design, especially in the layout of the book. In this exhibition, however, it can be called a jubilee, because it follows the 60th birthday of the artist - we will see the other parts of his work. Together with the fine watercolors and drawings painted over the last 10 years, Tsvyatko Ostoich has for the first time shown his photographs.

Tsviatko Ostoich is one of the artists who do not find it necessary to name their work, to explain them further. In them we see nature with its tender power and dramatic states; we see the man's inner world, gently lifting the curtain to his thoughts. In that way the author leaves the viewer the freedom to understand the way shown and to feel closer to his emotion.


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