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Stefan Markov

17.12.10 - 05.01.11 |

Stefan Markov is one of the emblematic authors in contemporary graphic art, defined as the relation between tradition and innovation from contemporary perspective: in a word, he is eternal and intransitive.


VI International Print Triennial, Sofia 2010

07.12.10 - 25.01.11 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia , Gallery "Raiko Alexiev", Spaces outside UBA

The Sixth International Print Triennial in Sofia will put in front of the audience a number of questions related to taste, knowledge, criteria, individual truths, with objective processes and especially the meaning and purpose of the event. There are brilliant achievements in this exhibition; it presents major authors, new tendencies are shown, different positions are compared. The competitive section is complemented by accompanying exhibitions, which lead us to other approaches to image and to the concept of graphic. 


Biotope - by Slav Nedev

31.03.10 - 15.04.10 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

Biotope (from Ancient Greek βίος (bios) 'life' + τόπος (topos) 'place') is an area of uniform environmental conditions providing a living place for a specific biological community.

The Biotope project is a large installation project representing a “city” of trash containers. The project deals with one of the most serious problems today – the problem with the waste that has already not only pragmatic but cultural and social dimensions as well. The increasing consumption leads to increased environmental pollution. The increased production results from the increased supply - consumption. The consumption has become a “social duty” or even reflex that should keep the economy going. The consumer society has turned into a waste society. The message of the project is quite clear and does not need special explanations: we leave so much waste after us that the place we live in, our “biotope”, turns gradually into a dumping ground thus limiting our outlook and our movements.

The coping with the growing amount of waste requires quick and intelligent decisions as well as socially responsible actions and behavior. It would be good if people reflect on these processes and on their personal attitude.


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