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National Sculpture Exhibition

05.10.17 - 28.10.17 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening - 5th of October, 6 p.m.

At the beggining is nature - this seemingly banal theme is a challenge and an opportunity for a variety of interpretations.

The works that are presented have been created over the last three years - the period between the present and the previous exhibition. There shown 92 works of 73 authors arranged in the hall; most of this artists are young and will soon establish their place on the art scene.


Bulgarian Design Exhibition 2017

10.05.17 - 25.05.17 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

10th of May, 6 p.m.

The design is a key and influences every part of our lives. The chair on which you sit, the glass from which you drink, the tools, the work environment in the office and the interior at home, the logo of your company, the brochures, the showcases and the stands where you advertise your business - everything is a product of the design.

BULGARIAN DESIGN 2017 aims to present a picture of the development of the design in Bulgaria as a significant indicator of the status of the industry and the business in 2017.


Charity exhibition of UBA – 2017

22.03.17 - 25.03.17 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening - 22nd of March, 6 p.m.

The Union of Bulgarian Artists organize a charity exhibition to raise funds for the Department of Neonatology at the Mother House Hospital, the idea for which is of artist Rosa Engibarova.

The exhibition features artists who make their works free of charge for the purpose of buying Pulse Oximeters fir the Clinic for Neonatology. The pulse oximeter is a device for measuring heart rate and oxygen level in the blood, in order to avoid side effects in the body due to an overdose of oxygen in preterm born infants.


Drawing and small sculpture

09.12.16 - 30.12.16 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

9th of December, 6 p.m.

The national exhibition "Drawing and small plastic" (1st floor) is traditional for the Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA) and is organized periodically in the past few decades. The exhibition presents over a hundred artists from all generations - both members of the UBA and young artists, still students at the National Art Academy.


20 years "Jewels" department at UBA

28.11.16 - 09.12.16 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

Opening - 28th of November, 6 p.m.

In the section "Jewelry" there are more than 30 artists. As it is evident from the slogan, it was formed 20 years ago.

During the opening of the exhibition will be presented just out-of-print book "Contemporary adornment in Bulgaria." More clearly the noticeable ambition of the authors is the separation of the commercial and craft. At its core, this is the instantaneous phase of the evolution of a genre, in this case the art of jewelry.


4th Mini Print Forum 2016

22.11.16 - 11.12.16 | Spaces outside UBA

Opening - 22th of November, 7 p.m.

Action - 22th of November, 3 - 6 p.m.

After a one-year break, on the cultural scene it returns one of the most popular events of the section "Graphics and Illustration" at UBA - the Forum "Mini Print."
Traditionally it will held in various galleries in Sofia and in the country - this year it is hosted by the gallery "Art Alley".

Within the exhibition will be held action of print art works (initiated by Lubo Farzulev). This is an opportunity aimed at connoisseurs and collectors Graphics to acquire works of their favorite authors attractive price of 50 BGN.


8th Stage Poster Triennial

07.11.16 - 30.11.16 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening - 7th of November, 6 p.m.

The triennial and accompanying events will be presented on 7th of  November in the exhibition hall of the gallery "Shipka" 6, at the National Palace of Culture, the National Gallery – Square 500, in the gallery at the National School of Applied Arts "St. Luke "and other theater, exhibition and open spaces across Sofia.

Traditionally, the introductory text to the catalog is the work of famous Bulgarian playwrighter, as its author in the eighth edition is talented Yana Borisova!

The main exhibition brings together nearly 500 theatrical poster created over the past three years by artists from 30 countries around the world.


International Art Glass Festival 2016

11.10.16 - 28.10.16 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

Opening - 11th of October, 6 p.m.

Artists: Anastasia Andreeva & Boris Shpeyzman, Nona Leshevalie, Bobby Korudzhikov, Emil Bachiyski Zoe Lekova, Katja Getsova Nikola Enev, Pancho Kourtev, Philip Gaydov


National competition of Allianz Bulgaria for painting, sculpture and print art 2015 - 2016

06.10.16 - 29.10.16 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening - 6th of October, 6 p.m.

The exhibition is under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and organized by the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

In the final competition are involved a total of 124 authors nominated by the regional competitive exhibitions in Veliko Tarnovo, Burgas, Pleven, Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. From presented 273 works the jury: Lyuben Genov - President of UBA, Slava Ivanova - Director of "Square 500", prof. Stanislav Pamukchiev, Pavel Koychev and Zahari Kamenov, will announce the three artists who will receive big prizes "Allianz".


Fifth national competition of Alianz Bulgaria (painting, sculpture and print art)

07.04.16 - 27.05.16 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening - 7th of April, 6 p.m.

On April 7, 2016 at the Union of Bulgarian Artists in Sofia was opened the exhibition of the fifth edition of "National Competition Allianz Bulgaria for painting, sculpture and graphics." The competition is under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture. Under the regulation, the competition involved artists from Sofia, Pernik, Kyustendil and Blagoevgrad. Professional jury: Nikolay Maystorov Paul Koychev Gazdov and Iskra Trayanova, examined a total of 288 works by 141 authors. The exhibition will continue until April 30, 2016.


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