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„A bridge through time” – exhibition of Stage design department

24.03.17 - 12.04.17 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

Opening - 24th of March, 6 p.m.

This exhibition is a modest intention to show at least some of the biggest designers in Bulgarian theater in the second half of the twentieth century. They have worked with the most interesting filmmakers of this period, and are built up and evolved the Bulgarian theater, opera and film art.

Among them are exhibited works of many young colleagues who, hopefully, that will determine the development of the Bulgarian scenography and theater in the first half of the twenty-first century.

Facing two temporally distant generations, this exhibition could be seen as a kind of bridge through time.


Anatomy of the puppet

12.12.15 - 10.01.16 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

Opening - 12th of December, 6 p.m.

The exhibition is an initiative of the section "Stage design" at the Union of Bulgarian Artists and presents 26 contemporary Bulgarian author and the art of the scenography for puppet theater in all its forms and varieties. The original puppets and scenes are accompanied by screen shots, puppet shows and movies. The panorama of the contemporary achievements of the past 10 years is combined with a story of a little known today, Brambazatsite contribution, laid to the foundations of this art.

The exhibition is accompanied by a bilingual album.

The curators of the exhibition are Peter Mitev, Hannah Schwarz and Marietta Golomehova and author of the section on “Brambazatsite” - Galina Dekova.

The project is implemented with the financial support of Sofia Municipality - SP "Culture" for 2015 and the National Fund "Culture".


Еkaterina Eneva

07.01.15 - 26.01.15 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening - 7th of January, 6 p.m.

The exhibition gathers some of the most striking paintings – oil and tempera of Ekatherina, created in the recent years . Along with them in the exhibition will be presented sketches of scenography and costumes that characterize her as a brilliant professional designer in the long years while she was working in the Youth Theatre “Nikolay Binev” as well as in most of the theaters in the country and abroad.


National Scenography Exhibition 2014

03.12.14 - 15.01.15 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

Opening - 3rd of December, 6 p.m.

  • About the exhibition

The audience in Sofia will have the opportunity to see a unique exhibition that gathered the best works of Bulgarian stenographers of the recent years.

Initiator and organizer of the event is section "Scenography" at the UBA, which aim through such national exhibitions and curatorial projects periodically to familiarize the audience with the latest trends and achievements in the field of the stage design in the theater, opera, operetta, ballet, etc.

  • "National Award for scenography of the UBA"

During the official opening of the exhibition the National Award for Scenography of the UBA will be given.

This fact is of grand importance for the guild as it brings a balance in the evaluation of the theatrical product that, until now, was only receiving attention only by the actors, not the artists.


Exhibition of Ivan Savov

03.06.14 - 12.06.14 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening - 3rd of Juin, 6 p.m.

Painter, scenograph and producer by profession and vocation Ivan Savov managed to skillfully combine visual means of expression with these of the musical arts. His scenography projects are spectacular, exciting and built with a lot of fantasy. Particularly sought like a ballet artist for his ability to catch up the movement of the human figure and subject to the nature of the character. That is why his drawings are so plastic and bulky.


VII triennial of the stage poster

03.10.13 - 31.10.13 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening - 3rd of October, floor 1, 6 p.m.

  • For 1 month (October) for the seventh time the Triennial turns Sofia into a global capital of the poster. The event is a part of the cultural calendar for 2013 and is held in support of the candidature of Sofia for European Capital of Culture - 2019.
  • • The main collection of the Triennial includes 350 poster of artists from 30 countries, representing the best established in the last 3 years in the field of classical and modern theatrical forms in the world.
  • Among the participating artists there are 33 Bulgarians, most of them young and debutants.
  • There will be a world premiere of the nearly 120 posters devoted to special topics of the event marking the 200th anniversary of the great composers Verdi and Wagner.
  • Parallel to the Triennial there are provided a series of accompanying events - collections, revealing different aspects of the art of the poster in its entirety and dynamic variety of visual codes, expressions, styles, printing technologies and current trends.
  • One of the most influential figures in the world of poster (Tomasz Boguslawski, Poland; Peter Poch, Hungary; Dzhiyanping Heh, China / Germany) are arriving in Sofia in order to participate in the international jury for the awards of the Triennial and in the educational program lectures. The special guests of the Triennale are Prof. Lech Majewski - Head of the famous Warsaw Biennale and Renee Uiner - known researcher and collector from Switzerland.


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