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Theater - cartoon exhibition

02.10.17 - 30.12.17 | Satiric theatre "Aleko Konstantinov"

Opening - 2nd of October, 6 p.m.

The title „Theatre“ summarizes the theme of performing arts - theater, opera, ballet, circus, street performances - which are subject to interpretation in 125 cartoons by 22 authors. The exhibition is organized by the „Cartoon“ department of the UBA and is a continuation of the traditional partnership between the Union and the Satirical Theater „Aleko Konstantinov“.

The opening is at 18 o'clock, just before the performance of the play „Less for Less“ by Dario Fo, with which the Satirical Theater opens its doors for its new season.



07.01.16 - 31.01.16 | Satiric theatre "Aleko Konstantinov"

Opening - 7th of January, 5 p.m.

Satiric theatre "Aleko Konstantinov", 2nd floor


On the Ivan’s day, at the foot of his 60th anniversary Ivan Kutuzov - KUTI shows, according to his words “the most iconic cartoons” that are a part of his immense art.

The master of the cartoon invites friends and admirers in the new gallery space of the UBA – the Satirical Theatre, at the hall of the second floor, at 5 p.m. on 7th of January. The entrance will be open to all who wish to learn about his art.


Cartoon exhibition

05.10.15 - 20.12.15 | Satiric theatre "Aleko Konstantinov"

Opening - 5th of October, 6 p.m.

Satiric theatre "Aleko Konstantinov", 2nd floor

In a joint initiative of the leadership of the Satirical Theater "Aleko Konstantinov" and the Union of Bulgarian Artists the lobby on the second floor of the theater becomes a new gallery space, which will periodically presents various thematic exhibitions related to the theater: cartoon, poster, comic, scenography.

The first exhibition was prepared by Lubomir Mihailov, secretary of the section "Cartoon" at the UBA and the stage designer of the play "Reis" Peter Mitev, secretary of the section "Scenograhpy" at UBA. The opening of the exhibition coincides with the premiere of this latest show of the Satiric Theatre.


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