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Presentiment of spring - art jewelry

20.02.19 - 08.03.19 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

opening - 20th of February, 18:00

The artists from the Jewelry section of the Union of Bulgarian Artists present art jewelry in the exhibition.

Such expositions always attract a large audiences. The interest also comes from the collection of artists with different styles in jewelery.

This year's exhibition of the Jewelry section is quite different because for the first time the objects will be avalable for sale!


August Spassov, Anna Gujuleva, Borislav Krastev, Bogdana Toprava, Velislava Bozhinova, Viktor Pavlov, Vladimir Nikolov, Vladimir Radoev, Gray Airapetyan - Grant, Daniela Radoeva, Ivo Borissov, Katia Lazarova and Snezhana Neikova - Georgieva.


Legacy of the past. Ethno-motives by Nikolay Penkov

01.02.19 - 15.02.19 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

The exhibition is a glance at past times, human experiences, images and objects ever seen, and people once lived.

The themes of works relate to the enduring stages that make sense of life - friendship, the magic of attraction, motherhood and the birth of the new life, the family reflected in the kaleidoscope of the subject world of the past.

Ritual breads, costumes, jewelery, rugs and wedding gifts - these are everyday life and the holidays, the customs of the past, characterizing Bulgarians as a nation. The new in this exhibition, besides the thematic search, is the tehnique. The author returns to a technique of painting he abandons 20 years ago (the multi-layer oil painting), which he further develops and refines.


Daniela Maximova - paintings

06.12.18 - 04.01.19 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"


reconstructions - an exhibition of Vesselka Nikolova

18.09.18 - 28.09.18 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

The Reconstruction exhibition by Veselka Nikolova marks the beginning of the new season in the Sofia Press Gallery.

Veselka Nikolova has graduated in Advertising Design at the National Academy of Arts - Sofia. She has specialized in "Abstract Dynamic Composition" at the Academy of Arts in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Member of the UBA.

She lives and works in Sofia.


no-places of utopia

23.04.18 - 04.05.18 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at."

Oscar Wilde

By definition Utopia (from greek - no-place) is any real or imaginary society, place, state, etc, considered to be perfect or ideal.

Utopia is rather a dimention in the human-cunssousnes than a specific plase.


"art presidency" - the unruly cartoonists's 3rd exhibition

23.01.18 - 30.01.18 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

"Besides the Bulgarian Presidency, the local audience have the opportunity to enjoy most of the uniques of European policy such as Tusk, Juncker, Merkel, Macron, May, Kurz and others. The motto of this delight is "United we stand string", as khan Kubrat had long been advised in that parable for the sticks, and much later Pink Floyd did it when the Wall was there."

The Prass Press cartoonists Alla and Chavdar Georgiev, Chavdar Nikolov and Hristo Komarnitski convinced that beauty will save the world one day, they present the ugliness of modern politics through the beauty of the works of their great predecessors, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Munk, Matisse, Van Gogh, Goya.



16.11.17 - 30.11.17 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

Painting constructions or coloring the material world through the imagination of fictional images which lose their outlines. The animation of space through ideas provoked by the artist's aspiration of finding a medium enriched with the layers of history, religion, customs, human discoveries.


Strokes from contemporary Iran

19.07.17 - 28.07.17 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

Opening - 19th of July, 6 p.m.

In February 2017, at the invitation of the Cultural Representation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sofia, a delegation of Bulgarian journalists visited the Islamic Republic of Iran. The purpose of the trip was to get acquainted with life in this country today and to establish contacts with colleagues from the Iranian media.

The impressions of one-week stays for Iran's economic, social, cultural and media development are already shared in a series of materials. 


Memory from the past - exhibition of Ivan Manoilov

04.07.17 - 14.07.17 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

Opening - 4th of July, 6 p.m.

Ivan Manoylov was born on 7th of March 1943 in Lom. He works in the field of landscape, portrait and figural composition.

His works are owned by the National Art Gallery and galleries in Smolyan, Blagoevgrad, Rousse, Dobrich, Vratsa, Montana, Lom, as well as in private collections in Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Greece, England, USA, Israel, Argentina and others.

Member of the UBA since 1982.


Where the text is transforming into image (Geophilosophy) - exhibition of Dorit Feldman

15.06.17 - 28.06.17 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

Opening - 15th of June, 5.30 p.m.

The artist presents a series of 15 works created in the last few years and also four photographs taken in 2017. A part of the works is related to specific places in Bulgaria and was created specifically for this exhibition. The collection is also enriched by a video installation called „The Words of the Earth“.

The works are related to the concept of „geophysics“, which combines the territory as a geographical location and its meaning, and was introduced in the 1990s by the French philosophers Gilles Deliez and Felix Gatari.


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