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Georgy Trifonov (1947 - 2011) - 70-th anniversary of his birth. Painting 1973 - 1989

10.05.18 - 13.06.18 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening - 10th of May, 18:30

The exhibition presents pictorial works created in the period 1973-1989 when Georgi Trifonov appeared in the Bulgarian artistic life and quickly won the name of one of the most interesting and characteristic contemporary artists.


Nayden Petkov (1918 - 1989) - painting. 100th anniversary of his birth

10.05.18 - 30.05.18 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

opening - 10th of May, 18:00

A peculiarity of artist Nayden Petkov we almost never think of – so much has it been accepted as something natural – is that he posses $the rare gift of being rare simultaneously understandable and artistic”= This definition given by another artist in those times bears the meaning of a most sincere acknowledgement and the power of being relevant even many years later. At any exhibition, at any encounter with Nayden Petkov’s art, regardless of the medium – painting, engraving, or film, regardless of the genre he works in, he remains within reality constantly trying to make it more exciting and poetic. (…)


no-places of utopia

23.04.18 - 04.05.18 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at."

Oscar Wilde

By definition Utopia (from greek - no-place) is any real or imaginary society, place, state, etc, considered to be perfect or ideal.

Utopia is rather a dimention in the human-cunssousnes than a specific plase.


Charity exhibition of UBA – 2018

18.04.18 - 24.04.18 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening – 18th of April, 18:00, floor 3

The Union of Bulgarian Artists organizes a charity exhibition to raise funds for the Neonatology section of Blagoevgrad Hospital, the idea for which is of artist Rosa Engibarova.

The exhibition has been organized for the ninth time and current  participants make their works free of charge for the purpose of buying equipment for oxygen therapy  for new-born patients  of the Blagoevgrad Hospital.


100 days BG European Presidency - cartoon exhibition

18.04.18 - 30.04.18 | Spaces outside UBA

Wednesday, 18.00h,Sofia "The RED house" "Lyben Karavelov "str. 15 -first floor--cartoon exhibition "100 days BG European Presidency "


National competition Allianz Bulgaria for painting, sculpture and print art 2017 – 2018

11.04.18 - 30.04.18 |

Opening - 11th of April, 6 p.m.

The exhibition is under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and organized by the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

The national competition "Allianz Bulgaria" for painting, sculpture and graphics aims to provide new opportunities for Bulgarian artists to show their works to the public. In this way they will stimulate their creative impulses for the creation of new artistic works and enrich the treasury of contemporary Bulgarian art.


The 43th National cartoon exhibition

05.04.18 - 30.04.18 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Each year cartoon artists gather in the gallery of UBA Shipka 6 to declare their stance on pressing political problems to the eternal subjects in (non)human relationships, covering all the nuances of humor and laughter through tears to grotesque and protest.

Its organization aims to stimulate the development of the cartoon art in Bulgaria and to contribute to the promotion of the creativity of the Bulgarian cartoonists in the country and abroad.


REPENTANCE - memorial to the victims of comunism. an exhibition of andrey vrabchev

15.03.18 - 24.03.18 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

For more than a quarter of a century, post-communist communities continue to be the victims of our communist regimes. Sounds absurd, but it's a fact. The fear and distorted values transmit by generation to generation do not allow us to be truly free and decent, to understand democratic values and principles and to develop dignified and progressive. That is why the sculpture "Repentance – Memorial to the Victims of Communism" was created by the transformed bodies of living contemporaries. It is a memorial of the victims made by themselves. A monument which wishes to give the past a state of voctim so that it can move on to struggle and cretivity. To achieve this, we must confess to ourselves that as long as we continue to be a victim, we are so our own executioners and repent of our crimes. Let us be more humble and more worthy. The exhibition aims to make us feel the need for repentance but also to ask the question of the need not of an emotional but of a historical assessment of communist terror, as to the communities of the former Eastern Bloc – now members of the EU as well as to the rest of the European community.


Bulgarian paintings - the first half of the 20th century - selected from private collections

01.03.18 - 01.04.18 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Bulgarian paintings from the first half of the 20th century is extremely valuable and important as a personal realization and as an art problems.  A time when intercrossing trends are crossing - from academic nostalgia to the most advanced trends of the European avant-garde. While preserving its national sensitivity, Bulgarian painting produces serious and powerful works, which, like stylistics and achievements, are commensurate with the best of European art.


"art presidency" - the unruly cartoonists's 3rd exhibition

23.01.18 - 30.01.18 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

"Besides the Bulgarian Presidency, the local audience have the opportunity to enjoy most of the uniques of European policy such as Tusk, Juncker, Merkel, Macron, May, Kurz and others. The motto of this delight is "United we stand string", as khan Kubrat had long been advised in that parable for the sticks, and much later Pink Floyd did it when the Wall was there."

The Prass Press cartoonists Alla and Chavdar Georgiev, Chavdar Nikolov and Hristo Komarnitski convinced that beauty will save the world one day, they present the ugliness of modern politics through the beauty of the works of their great predecessors, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Munk, Matisse, Van Gogh, Goya.


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