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reconstructions - an exhibition of Vesselka Nikolova

18.09.18 - 28.09.18 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

The Reconstruction exhibition by Veselka Nikolova marks the beginning of the new season in the Sofia Press Gallery.

Veselka Nikolova has graduated in Advertising Design at the National Academy of Arts - Sofia. She has specialized in "Abstract Dynamic Composition" at the Academy of Arts in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Member of the UBA.

She lives and works in Sofia.


Bulgarian monumental art - exhibition in Prague

12.09.18 - 03.10.18 | Spaces outside UBA

opening - 12 September, 6 pm, Gallery of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague, 6 Klimentska Str

The Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague, in partnership with the Union of Bulgarian Artists, presents the exhibition "Bulgarian Monumental Art". The exhibition is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Monumental Arts Section of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, established in 1977, and presents murals, icons, mosaics, stained glass and other techniques related to glass processing.

The works of 52 authors from three generations have been following the development of monumental art in Bulgaria over the last four decades. Among them are the names of the mosaic masters Iliya Iliev and Yordan Markov, in the field of glass of Katya Getsova and Konstantin Valchev, the icon-painting - Eleonora Karaivanska and Venelin Fotev, the paintings - Valchan Petrov, Kiril Bozhkov and others.


Festival of contemporary bulgarian ceramics - Sofia 2018

04.09.18 - 28.09.18 |

opening - 4th of September, Tuesday, 18:00 

This year, more than 40 participants of different ages will perform in the exhibition. The festival goes out of the guild environment and opens to artists who are not ceramists, but they also use clay as a material in their work.


Yossif Jacov - Photography

27.07.18 - 31.08.18 |

opening - 27th of July, 18:00

Yossif Jakov was born on October 2, 1946.

He grew up in a colorful ethnic neighborhood of Sofia. Since the childhood his eyes have reflected the longings of the different people.

Hе graduated Mechanics highscool and University of architecture, building and geodesy in Sofia and became a specialist in geodesy, cartography and photogrammetry.

His encounter with photography was crucial to his work. Quiet, inconspicuous, artist, he follows the impulses of his passion.

Yossif Jakov has worked for print media and specialized magazines. His photography has been aworded in Bulgarian and inetenational competitions



17.07.18 - 30.07.18 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening - 17th of July, Tuesday, 18:30

The history of artists in Blagoevgrad began in 1956, when Dimitar Mihailov, Argir Marchev, Stalio Stalev and Georgi Nozharov established the first Association of Artists in the City.

The first major exhibition of the Society, which involves only authors from the city, was opened a few years later, on February 6, 1962.

It is extremely important that the activity of the artists of Blagoevgrad has been growing in recent years. There are two schools of art which contribute the progress of art in the Blagoevgrad - the artistic classes at the High School “St. St. Cyril and Methodius" and the subject “Fine Arts” in the Southwest University in Blagoevgrad. This leads to the continuity between the artistic generations, proven by the presence of more than 60 active artists in the city of all ages.



17.07.18 - 30.07.18 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

opening - 17th of July, Tuesday, 18:30

In 2018 we commemorate the 70th anniversary since the founding of the Veliko Tarnovo Artists Association, today called the Veliko Tarnovo Representation of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. Established in 1948, for its 70 years of existence, the Representation collects and displays the works of five generations of artists who lived and worked in the old capital of Bulgaria. Among them are the dignitary names of Boris Denev, Vassil Stoilov, Lyuben Zidarov, Rafael Mihaylov, Yanaki Manassiev and so on, who set up the foundations and the high artistic standards of cultural life on a regional and national level. Nowadays the Representation prides itself on a multitude of artists whose works compile in continuity with modern forms of expression and creative communication.


The begining - the gallery at 125 Rakovski str.

18.06.18 - 25.06.18 |

The exhibition presents the project of UBA "Living Exhibition", realized with the financial support of the Culture Program for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2018 of the National Culture Fund.

The Gallery at 125 Rakovski Str. in Sofia has been performing 80 years of exhibition space in its original design. From the very beginning, the address is the same - the street name and number are "Rakovski" 125.

The gallery continues to be a center of fine arts and Bulgarian culture and continues to present artists from Bulgaria and foreign authors, including world-famous names.


Attraction. Krasimira Mihaylova - painting

06.06.18 - 30.06.18 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Krassimira Mihaylova was born in Varna. She graduated from the National Art Academy in Sofia with a major in Graphics with Prof. Evtim Tomov and Prof. Vesselin Staykov. 
The beginning of her professional career is related to fashion. She is a model for Lada Magazine and a Center for New Goods and Fashion, and later she is a designer of clothing.
Since the 1970s, she has dedicated herself to the illustrating and artistic layout of books and textbooks. She use to work in the publishing houses "Narodna Prosveta" and "Problematic group of education at BAS and MNP", known for the experimental education of children under the leadership of Academician Blagovest Sendov.
From 1987 to 2002 she is an art editor in the University Publishing House "St. Kliment Ohridski".


REALITY DISPUTED II. The youngest artists in painting and sculpure

16.05.18 - 18.07.18 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

The exhibition presents how the youngest Bulgarian artists working in the field of contemporary painting and sculpture interpret the different realities that today have the potential to legitimize one or another model of artistic representation. The exhibition includes works by 30 authors of the latest generation who have started their presence over the past few years, as well as those that actually make their debut on the big stage. The exhibition is a continuation of the large-scale project "Reality Disputed", which was realized at the end of 2017 in the halls of UBA - 6 Shipka Street, Sofia, in which took part 60 distinguished Bulgarian artists from different generations


65 years later. An exhibition of National high school for applied arts

14.05.18 - 30.05.18 |

The National School of Applied Arts "St. Luka" - Sofia was established as a Handicraft School in 1953.

The students are trained in eight specialities: "Art textile", "Advertising Graphics", "Space Design", "Silicate Design", "Toys", "Art Carving", "Art Processing of Metals" and "Fashion Design" . Studying painting, painting, sculpture, art history, computer graphics.

The high school is the winner of the International Platinum Award - Madrid 1999, as well as the prize of the Council of the European Scientific and Cultural Community "Golden Book". The teachers in the school are distinguished Bulgarian artists.


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