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IDEAL PERSPECTIVES – exhibition of Martian Tabakov

08.03.17 - 18.03.17 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening - 8th of March, 6 p.m.


Interior and exterior - exhibition of Konstantin Markov

06.03.17 - 15.03.17 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

Opening - 6th of March, 6 p.m.

The presented paintings were created specifically for this exhibition. The selected title - "interior and exterior" gives me freedom and a way to outline the directions on that work - space, color sense, the transformation of nature into abstraction. It aims to show the path of de-contextualization of the real object to its nominal essence. Interior and exterior - that's all that surrounds us.


Return - exhibition of Stanislav Pamukchiev

02.03.17 - 18.03.17 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

Opening - 2nd of March, 5 - 7 p.m.

The exhibition presents the paintings cycle "Return" (2016) and the working drawings from it. After the experiments with expression, creation of objects and plastic plants the author returned to figurative metaphorical expression – mythopoeic that expresses and defends the man in his dramatic effort to seek time and sustained sense.

"Return" is not nostalgia for the past, but creative insurgence against the extreme leaks linear historical time and turning eyes to the primordial, sacred mythological time-timelessness.


The fruits of the land and love - photo exhibition of Iglena Ruseva

09.02.17 - 27.02.17 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

Opening - 9th of February, 6 p.m.

The exhibition presents 62 black and white images merged into two open cycles: „Fruits of the Earth“ - 36 photographs of flowers and fruits, shot in the period 2014 - 2016, and „Fruit of Love“ - ​​26 portraits from the period 2002-2016, which the author says that they are „conceptually exhibited in groups of peculiar juxtapositions of similarities and difference between natural objects and people occupying a special place in my life and memory.“


Light in the eyes - dust on the feet

06.02.17 - 27.02.17 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

Opening - 6th of February, 6 p.m.

The exhibition Light in the eyes - dust on the feet is a photo report of the art critic Plamena Dimitrova-Racheva of South India (Kerala and Tamilnadu). The photos are taken during the study tour for Indian culture and religion organized by Galina Sokolova in specialty "Indology" in Sofia in the period from 25th of October to 9th of November 2015.


Charity exhibition for Hitrino

14.01.17 - 16.01.17 | Spaces outside UBA

Opening - 14th of January, 11 a.m.

From 14th to 16th of January in the lobby of the main stage of the National Theatre will be exhibited paintings of famous Bulgarian artists. Thanks to the Union of Bulgarian Artists there will be sales the money from which will be used to restore the activity of the Community Centre "Probuda 1929" in Hitrino.


The spirit of watercolor

12.01.17 - 31.01.17 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

Opening - 12th of December, 6 p.m.

The International Triennial "The spirit of watercolors," which took place from 15.07 to 15.08.2016, the Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev" - Varna, is a natural and appropriate response to the challenges of traditionalists in the genre. Due to the high artistic level shown in previous appearances and confidence enjoyed by Bulgaria IWS in the world, the competence of the jury and the wonderful opportunities offered by the city of Varna and Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev" were selected 276 participants from 51 countries.

There were awarded 16 artists with image-making, cash and prizes and 21 - honorary nominations.


Beginning - exhibition of Katia Popova and Nikola Enev

11.01.17 - 25.01.17 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

Opening - 11th of January, 6 p.m.

The Gallery-bookstore "Sofia Press" began the year with an exhibition, which is entitled "Beginning." The exhibition includes 24 works from the glass of two artists: Katya Popova and Nikola Enev. The exhibition manages to combine fragile and elusive balance of themes, ideas and temperament. The works were specially made for the gallery space in 2016 and by its specific language expressed reveal new internal spacw and tell parables for elevation and enlightenment of mind.


Mini textile

14.12.16 - 05.01.17 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

Opening - 14th of December, 6 p.m.

In this exhibition participate about 40 authors - the textile artists and artists from other disciplines using textile materials and techniques, as well as guests from Germany, Serbia, Slovenia and Canada.

The fabric as a material with specific and unique capabilities take part more widely in contemporary art. Authors such as Michelangelo Pistoleto, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Christian Boltanski, Christo and many others use textile and textile products burdening them with diverse sense and assign them multiple tasks.


Works from Process Space Festival

13.12.16 - 30.12.16 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Opening - 13th of December, 6 p.m.

In 2016, the festival "Process - Space" was organized for 25 time. On this occasion they were shown various exhibitions in Veliko Tarnovo, Balchik, Rousse and Sofia. In the gallery "Shipka" 6 was presented the exhibition of "Safety pin" action and were selected videos and videodocumentation. 


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