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  • Georgy Velokov
  • Petko Nedyalkov

04.04.19 - 24.04.19 | Spaces outside UBA

This initiative is the work of a team of members of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and aims to promote contemporary woodcarving on a national scale.

The event is a traveling exhibition of wood sculptures and wood reliefs and will take place in the cities of Sofia, Tryavna, Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo and Pleven. The participants are Bulgarian woodcarvers and sculptors working in this field, and the works have been created in the last few years. The authors are: Aleksandrina Ivanova, Aleksandar Vassilev, Angel Stefanov, Anton Georgiev, Boyan Aleksandrov, Valentin Mitev, Vladimir Michev, Georgi Velikov, Daniel Mirchev, Denitsa Dakova, Diana Vasileva, Dimitar Dimitrov – Gotsak, Dimitar Mitev, Ivaylo Minchev, Ivan Bubev, Ivan Tsekin, Iliya Vladimirov, Ilona Zaharieva, Yordan Yordanov, Kamen Simov, Mariana Maneva, Martin Georgiev, Mityo Mitev, Nikolay Martinov, Orlin Ivanov, Orfey Mindov, Petko Nedyalkov, Radko Valchev, Roman Sinapov, Robert Tsanev, Stelian Steliyanov, Hristo Kirilov, Yavor Tanev…

Interior woodsculpture is a rare form of art, and through this traveling exhibition, the audience will be able to experience its plastic features, means of expression, inner life and world of ideas.

"Woodcarving" is commonly understood as an applied art or ornamental decoration for church, domestic and public interiors that can be classified as creative craftsmanship. In recent years, however, a major artistic trend in woodcarving is wood sculpture. According to the critics, and in practice, art based on wood has a new form and content today, as well as a vision in line with the current global trends. Furthermore, the main emphasis is on the fusion of wood sculpture and other spheres of art and philosophical views. Three-dimensional wood sculptures and wood reliefs have a strong impact on the viewers with their modernity, conceptuality, perception, spirit, associativity, material, tactility, names, color, dialogue. Most people have not met this form of art in their everyday life. That’s why they are pleasantly surprised when coming into contact with these art works containing such an impressive creative power.

The WOOD SCULPTURE FORUM is organized by the Woodcarving section of the UBA, and the exhibition is supported by state, non-governmental and private organizations. The partners are: Union of Bulgarian Artists, VelikoTarnovo Municipality, the National Applied Arts School in Tryavna, ChervenataTochka Gallery – Sofia, Gubenski Gallery – Tryavna, HristoTsokev Gallery – Gabrovo, Rafael Mihaylov Gallery – VelikoTarnovo, ART CENTER PLEVEN – HristoBoyadzhiev Hall, Sonia Kostova from Kyustendil, Tsvetan Nikolov and other voluntary contributors.

The exhibition is part of the national initiative “Days of woodcarving in Tryavna” and is included in the “Calendar of Cultural Events of VelikoTarnovoMunicipality”.


Please enjoy!