Union of Bulgarian Artists / Exhibitions / Archive5th SMALL PRINT FORUM – SOFIA 2018

  • Йордан Панков/j.pank - Hit me!
  • Димитър Йовчев - Мисли I
  • Силвия Божилова - В търсене на вдъхновение

ACTION - 15th of November, 15:00 - 18:00

15.11.18 - 05.12.18 | Spaces outside UBA

The tradition at the end of each year to meet the audience with the best in the field of small graphic forms is with a 30-year history, but it has recently gained special popularity and attracts more and more young authors. The forum is indicative of the trends in graphic art; of the variety of printing techniques - from the classic (etching, aquatint, dry needle, embossing, mezzotint, high printing and lithography) to digital technologies, but above all is a unique artistic platform gathering works of well-known authors with international acclaim and debutant graphics. The art of the young artists is a distinctive feature of this year's edition.

 ACTION - 15th of November, 15:00 - 18:00

This is an opportunity for all fans of graphic art to get the works of their favorite artists at the attractive price of 50 BGN. Due to the large preliminary interest, we expect to improve the record of last year when more than 100 graphic works were sold. The action is exclusive and takes place a few hours before the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, November 15.