Union of Bulgarian Artists / Exhibitions / Archivereconstructions - an exhibition of Vesselka Nikolova

18.09.18 - 28.09.18 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

The Reconstruction exhibition by Veselka Nikolova marks the beginning of the new season in the Sofia Press Gallery.

Veselka Nikolova has graduated in Advertising Design at the National Academy of Arts - Sofia. She has specialized in "Abstract Dynamic Composition" at the Academy of Arts in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Member of the UBA.

She lives and works in Sofia.

In her creative projects she experimented with design, photography, performance, installation.

The works of Vesselka Nikolova in the present exposition are built on a collage principle and inspire a second life of motives from the dull and gray everyday life. Unnecessary and abandoned things or pieces of them that bear the footprint of past lives combine unexpectedly, with much finesse, sympathy or humor. The author opens a window to reflection and observation of different human destinies, stories, problems. “Reconstructions” face us in front of the eternal metaphysical questions of life and the re-evaluation of established truths.