Union of Bulgarian Artists / Exhibitions / ArchiveGeorgy Trifonov (1947 - 2011) - 70-th anniversary of his birth. Painting 1973 - 1989

  • Georgi Trifonov - Bulgarian altar
  • Georgi Trifonov
  • Georgy Trifonof - Yavorov

10.05.18 - 13.06.18 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

The exhibition presents pictorial works created in the period 1973-1989 when Georgi Trifonov appeared in the Bulgarian artistic life and quickly won the name of one of the most interesting and characteristic contemporary artists.

Most of the works are large and complicated, figure-filled compositions documenting the perfect mastery of the classic painting, which served as a starting point for grotesque and abstract work in the later works of the artist.

The images include close and distant plans, which are separate compositions themselves; portraits of contemporaries or historical characters are also resolved as multi-layered compositions; color is far from "fading" and late tragic shades; the lost paradise are the memories of the bright childhood in the village.


Georgi Trifonov was born on 18 December 1947 at the Karlukovo station, Lovech district, in a railway family.

In 1966 he graduated from the National Art School in Sofia.

In 1974 he graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia (in the academic year 1972-1973 he was excluded for one year).

In 1986 he was awarded the Grand Prix of UBA for drawing “Ilia Beshkov”.

In 1993, at his proposal, a Foundation " Support for the Art in Bulgaria" was established at the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

In 1999 he was declared an honorary citizen of the town of Cherven Bryag.

In 2000 he received the Prize of the “Citizen” Association for Creative Personality of the Year.

In 2011 he received the Order "St. St. Cyril and Methodius ".

He died on 4 June 2011 in Sofia.