Union of Bulgarian Artists / Exhibitions / ArchiveNayden Petkov (1918 - 1989) - painting. 100th anniversary of his birth

10.05.18 - 30.05.18 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

A peculiarity of artist Nayden Petkov we almost never think of – so much has it been accepted as something natural – is that he posses $the rare gift of being rare simultaneously understandable and artistic”= This definition given by another artist in those times bears the meaning of a most sincere acknowledgement and the power of being relevant even many years later. At any exhibition, at any encounter with Nayden Petkov’s art, regardless of the medium – painting, engraving, or film, regardless of the genre he works in, he remains within reality constantly trying to make it more exciting and poetic. (…)

He is among the few Bulgarian artists whose creative work represents a fully autonomous world. Time, processes and fashions in our art seem to go past him unnoticed: he remains untouched by the aesthetics of the 1950-ies or the stormy changes in the 60-ies; he doesn’t “begin to speak” the language of associations and metaphors of the 1970-ies, nor das he feel a necessity to give a new meaning to plasticity in the 1980-ies=He has a course of his own that he follows all the way until the very end in 1989. (…)

Rumyana Konstantinova