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  • Iva Grueva
  • Aleks Maleev

07.11.17 - 25.11.17 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

The First National Exhibition of the Bulgarian Comics was opened in the Gallery of Shipka 6 in 2013. The exhibition covered all generations of Bulgarian comic artists. The Rainbow Project Association, as the main organizer, gave a special place to the artists of the legendary magazine "Rainbow". The exhibition and 130-page catalog showed the different faces of authors and styles of the Bulgarian comic book scene.

The second national exhibition of Bulgarian comic book is organized by Comics Section of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, Association "Rainbow Project" and Studio Grozen.


There are 83 authors selected by a jury composed of: Rumen Chaushev, secretary of the Comics section; Tonya Goranova, Sotir Gelev, Sibyla Koritareva, Tsvyatko Ostoich, Petar Stanimirov, Dimitar Stoyanov - Dimo, Daniel Atanasov - Satanassov . There is a catalog to the exhibition.


A special guest at the opening is Marko Stojanovic, a comic book theorist from Serbia, screenwriter of the series "Vekovnitsy" (2016). The Bulgarian artists Petar Stanimirov, Evgeniy Yordanov, Rumen Chaushev, Penko Gelev, Veselin Chakarov, Ivan Berov, Todor Iliev, Daniel Atanasov - Satanassov, Ivan Koritarev and Miroslav Petrov participate in the next album of this series - "Cain's Clan". On November 8, Marko Stojanovic will present the album and deliver a lecture in the showroom.