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Exhibition of eight Bulgarian artists in Belgrad

21.09.17 - 08.10.17 | Spaces outside UBA

The Trace for People Foundation, a part of the Trace Group Hold family, presents Bulgarian artists in Belgrade.

The directions of eight Bulgarian artists, the directions of our lives, our quests in the endless incarnations of the spirit and wandering find their port in the capital of Serbia Belgrade. There are presented works by Lyuben Genov, Dimitar Grozdanov, Vasilka Moneva, Nikolay Yanakiev, Dolores Dilova, Rumen Nechev and Stanimir Zhelev. Among the participants is the photographer Ivo Hadjimishev.

In the exhibition hall of the Vlada Divlian Culture Center (one of Serbia's most famous rock musicians) in Belgrade, Desislava Lyubenova, the executive director of the Trace for People Foundation and Nicola Nikodievic, chairman of the Belgrade Municipal Council, opened the DESTINATIONS exhibition.