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01.09.17 - 23.09.17 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

This exhibition is planned by the artist as jubilee. Selected at almost random, in his words, the works are from different creative periods and represent a small part of his collection of nearly 2000 paintings.

Lubomir Savinov was born on 2nd of  September 1941 in Sofia. In 1970, he graduated Decorative and Monumental Painting at the National Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Prof. Georgi Bogdanov.

Until 1970 he worked in the field of sculpture. He participates in general and national exhibitions, organizes several independent (1987, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008). In 2012, he opened a major retrospective exhibition at the Vladimir Dimitrov - Mayor City Gallery in Kyustendil.

In 1959 he won a gold medal for painting at the International Youth Festival. Winner of the 2012 Zahari Zograf Award.