Union of Bulgarian Artists / Exhibitions / Archive„Dry point and water“ – exhibition of Lyuben Pashkulski

19.04.17 - 05.05.17 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Although he recently has turned 80 years Lyuben Pashkulski did not called this exhibition a jubilee one. „What meaning did the years have. It's important what you did, it’s important to be someone...“- he said, surrounded by pictures while arranging the exhibition. The exhibiton has a retrospective character; there are more than 100 works from the last 20 years, a time during which the artist worked graphics and watercolor. Well known to the audience are his female characters, beautiful, mysterious and tender.

Lyuben Pashkulski was born in 1936 in Rogozen village near Vratsa. He graduated the Art School in Sofia, then the National Academy of Arts, Applied Print Art Department in the class of prof. Alexander Poplilov.