Union of Bulgarian Artists / Exhibitions / Archive20 years "Jewels" department at UBA

Presentation of the book "Contemporary adornment in Bulgaria"

28.11.16 - 09.12.16 | Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

In the section "Jewelry" there are more than 30 artists. As it is evident from the slogan, it was formed 20 years ago.

During the opening of the exhibition will be presented just out-of-print book "Contemporary adornment in Bulgaria." More clearly the noticeable ambition of the authors is the separation of the commercial and craft. At its core, this is the instantaneous phase of the evolution of a genre, in this case the art of jewelry.

During the twenties to the work of the authors in the section can be added also the previous thirty years of free creativity of artists working with precious metals and perhaps sixty years of the first appearances of authors in this field. The exhibition will show how, overcoming all obstacles, the members of this UBA department improve in search of meaning, and perhaps the joy of creativity. There is shown the result of hard work, meditations where and how far is the art in search of answers, money, magic and many more.