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Curator - Atanas Totliakov

16.02.16 - 01.03.16 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

Usually we think of drawing as a single work created on the two-dimensional surface of a sheet of paper. But today, such a claim is utterly untenable, because the 21st century provides multiple technological means for its realization.

The “Drawing and intermedia” project is the study of the intermediate environment (intermedium), in which the drawing is an integral part of works with a hybrid character. Its main goal is to test in practice the set of preconditions for the adoption of one or another ontological commitment regarding its existence as conservative overcome stereotypes.

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Curator: Atanas Totlyakov

• Authors:

Atanas Totlyakov, Vesselin Dimov, Vladimir Ivanov, Georgi Minchev, Dan Tenev, Dejan Boev, Ivo Bistrichki, Konstantin Denev, Krasimir Rusev, Matsiej Zdanovich, Mihail Mihailov, Nestor Kovachev, Peter Tzanev, Trifon Kalfov, Tsvetan Krastev, Janica Fendulova