Union of Bulgarian Artists / Exhibitions / ArchiveEXIT - exhibition of Simeon Stoilov

30.10.15 - 14.11.15 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

Doubt that haunt us, leading us.

The pursuit of the absolute reason sealed our minds and always keeping emergency exit access from the whole, imperfect part of the idea, life-saving corridor from the intolerance towards perfection. Unconscious processes that affect our decisions and sensibility, a peculiar phenomenon confirming the idea of a feeling of fullness in the presence of a gap. Defect or need anyway it exists in the futility of trying and hope to overcome it.

The project "Exit" is a radical intervention in the architectural space, reversing the exhibition hall from a place where we exhibit art to a psychologically powerful large-scale sculpture, which involves taking all attendance elements, walls, light, entrance and floor of the room.

The exhibition of Simeon Stoilov is a natural extension of the work of the author exhibited in the same hall in 2007 called "Isolator".

Simeon Stoilov