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First edition of the "Salon of the art galleries"

23.04.15 - 27.04.15 | Spaces outside UBA

Authors: Atanas Vassilev, Simeon Venov, Stefan Markov, prof. Stoyan Stoyanov, prof. Hristo Neykov, Tsanko Panov, Youlii Minchev

The Union of Bulgarian Artists is the oldest and the most creative alliance of around 3000 artists from all fields of the visual art. The roots of the UBA are back in 1893 and despite the vicissitudes the organization is alive and active collegiate community with an important contribution to the culture.

In addition to the largest complex for temporary exhibitions and a network of offices throughout the country, UBA has unique, specialized studios to print graphic works. Built in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century in Sofia and Samokov, they were created thousands of samples brought recognition to the Bulgarian graphic school. This collection is a small part of this wealth and convincingly represents the diversity of graphic art.