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Competition for yoyng artists "The paper in the contemporary art"

06.08.14 - 28.08.14 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

On June 30, the „Jordan Parushev” foundation announced the winners of the first national competition „The Paper in the Contemporary Art” 2014.

Miglena Yoncheva - Nikolova from Sofia was awarded for first place in the national competition for contemporary art for young artists in the name of the famous artist Jordan Parushev. She received a certificate and a trophy, a replica of the landmark work of the artist. Second place went to the conceptual work „Touch” Stefan Dimitrov from Burgas and the third - the installation „Below the surface” of Nanyo Bakalov from Lovech.

The competition involved 309 authors from 16 cities in the country, as well as artists from Chicago, Paris, Madrid and London. The nominated 48 works were arranged in the exhibition „Sirak Skitnik” in Sliven, and in August the same selection will be shown at „Rayko Alexiev” Gallery. There will be presented installations, paintings, prints, sculpture, photography, video, conceptual pieces, op-art, collages and mixed media. The nominated works will be shown in exhibitions at Veliko Tarnovo and Paris.


Additional authors honored by the jury are:

Iskra Ivanova, Tsvetelin Iltchev, Dimitar Datchev, Zoran Mishe, Kalina Mavrodieva