Union of Bulgarian Artists / Exhibitions / ArchiveExhibition of Georgi Trifonov /1947 - 2011/

/painting, print/

09.05.14 - 04.06.14 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

This exhibition presents works from the collection of Boris Trifonov and Miglena Manova.

Georgi Trifonov is an artist with comprehensive interests, working in the field of painting, decorative and monumental arts, drawing, print, illustration, even sculpture. He is infatuated with poetry; he is the author of ten books of poetry and one scenario.

At the end of his career Georgi Trifonov becomes more abstract and allegorical in its striving to refract the visible world to the prism of artistic imagination. The result is a pure painting that does not display, and expressed through color and composition attraction of the author to the figurative.