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Ikko Tanaka, Kazumasa Nagai and Shigeo Fukuda

26.10.11 - 06.11.11 | Gallery "Raiko Alexiev"

It is a great honor for the foundation that the exhibition of posters of Ikko Tanaka, Kazumasa Nagai and Shigeo Fukuda – three of the significant graphic artists in Japan – is here in Bulgaria. This event is achieved with the efforts and collaboration of many organizations and people, including: The Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria in Japan, Mr. Bojidar Ikonomov and the International Triennial of a stage poster in Sofia. With 210 posters (70 by each artist) the exhibition presents the essential of the Japanese poster art.  

These three artists, so different one from another, are creating graphic works with a remarkable diversity. In the same time, together, they are marking one whole age of Japanese poster art that shines with its richness and beauty, unsurpassed until today.


Eishi Kitazava

General Director of „ggg”

DNP Foundation of cultural heritage