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Solo exhibition of Petar Stanimirov – digital printing and graphic

29.09.11 - 11.10.11 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Each of these portraits has its own value, but together they become something different. It is pure, unadulterated pop art without pretense and imitation. There is no tedious premeditation and hypocrisy that accompany much of the contemporary art that has a claim to be “modern”.

Paintings, drawings and self-portraits in the exhibition are a supplement that helps to dispel compressed emotion generated by the portraits to see different possibilities in a digital working method chosen by the artist. And also to better understand himself.

The paintings, auto portraits and drawings are addition that helps to disperse the compressed emotion heaped up from the portraits, to see the different possibilities in the digital method of work chosen by the artists.


Sotir Gelev