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Group exhibition of section "Monumental Arts"

15.06.11 - 30.06.11 | Gallery of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia

Artists from section "Monumental Arts" select for this year's exhibition a concrete reason - their trip to Turkey a few months ago. They named it conditionally plain-air, although impressions of what they saw turned into artistic image later.
Compositions (mainly landscapes) have something in common - unique and repetitive forceful natural or spatial silhouettes, but each author offers his personal artistic comment, refracted through his own emotional, artistic language and colorful variations. The result is not ordinary, multifarious exhibition of the section but one intelligent invitation for empathy (even if the viewer has not been to this remarkable place!), which according to the impressions of the exhibition hall keepers have responded to many people.

Vesela Hristova - Radoeva