Union of Bulgarian Artists / Exhibition halls Gallery of UBA "Shipka 6"

Three halls by 800 sq. m. One hall by 600 sq. m. Sofia, "Shipka" 6

Three halls by 800 sq. m. One hall by 600 sq. m. Sofia, "Shipka" 6

The gallery of the UBA is built on an area of ​​1200 square meters. The height of the building with the basement is 24 meters and the surface part is 20 m or 5 floors with a total exhibition area of ​​3970 square meters. This is a unique building for its time, realized for the first time in Bulgaria in a new technology. The original structure was designed by the architect Ivanko Kavalov and engineer Ivan Nikolov. The construction was carried out by "Kremikovtzi" construction plant. On December 12, 1972 UBA gallery was formally launched, quite in the spirit of the times and the political correctness, by a huge art exhibition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Georgi Dimitrov’s birth. The entire elite of the communist party and the government was present. It was for the first time that 511 works by 415 authors were brought together under the same roof. Since then, for some 35 years more than 2000 exhibitions have been organized at 6 Shipka Gallery, irrespective of the vicissitudes of the times and despite existing political prejudice or ideological bias. 136 037 works by 37 675  authors have been exhibited. These figures are a convincing indicator of the volume of the work carried out, yet these would be just a measure of quantity, dull and useless statistics, should the efforts and the creative urge of generations of artists and art scholars – the legitimate tenants of this building – were not taken into account.

The building, hosting the exhibition halls of the UBA, has acquired over the years a unique place within the cultural landscape of the capital city. It has now turned into an important and indispensable part of the spiritual and artistic life in Sofia and is now popular just as Shipka 6 – a synonym of rich, diverse and busting artistic life, combining the functions of the largest art exhibition centre in Bulgaria and the House of Bulgarian artists with all ensuing artistic and professional results. Hundreds of Bulgarian and foreign collective and individual exhibitions have been hosted in its halls, in all genres of fine, applied and non-conventional arts – a large portion of these being emblematic in the context of the development of Bulgarian culture. Over the exhibitions, representatives of Bulgarian and foreign governments and other public institutions have visited the halls of Shipka 6 on various occasions.  

One could hardly reconstruct Bulgarian cultural history over the last three decades without taking into account the role of Shipka 6 for the formation and the development of the contemporary art in the country. The Gallery is a meeting point for the art of generations of Bulgarian artists, a place to implement various projects and creative ideas, a workshop for new artistic provocations.


Ivailo Mirchev

Exhibition halls

1st floor

no day light

height: 330 cm

white exhibition panels, centered – 45 X 265 cm

2nd floor

height: 333 cm

28 white exhibition panels, movable – 180 X 250 cm

3rd floor

height: 336 cm

15 white exhibition panels, movable – 180 X 250 cm

4th floor

height: 288 cm