UBA - Structure


The Union of Bulgarian Artists – UBA, is a creative non-profit association of professional artists and art critics. Its governing bodies are: 

  • General Assembly
  • Board
  • Executive Board 
  • President

Supreme authority is the General Assembly, convened by the Board.

President of the UBA: Lyuben Genov      

Members of the Management Board: Stanislav Pamukchiev, Dolores Dilova, Emil Popov, Vessela Hristova-Radoeva, Ivan Rusev, Elena Panayotova, Tonya Goranova, Galina Dekova, Ivaylo Djenev, Anton Staikov, Stoil Mirchev, Tsvetoslav Hristov /Tsupi/, Ivo Bistrichki, Stefan Lyutakov, Bozhidar Bonchev, Raynis Gelov


Currently there are over 3000 artists and art critics - members of the Union from all generations. Membership is individual and the members are organized in 16 sections: Painting, Print and illustration, Sculpture, Art criticism, Advertising design, Stage design, Restoration, Monumental arts, Design, Ceramics, Graphic design, "13" – non-conventional forms, Wood carving, Jewelry, Textiles, Cartoon. 

Country offices have been established, bringing together members of the Union according to the territorial principle. UBA in its activity supports the implementation of creative projects of its members to provide them information about significant events and events of national and international character and assists the creative contacts. Each artist, member of the Union, can benefit from social programs and opportunities for protection of his professional interests and copyrights. Each member has the opportunity to participate in various competitions, workshops, plain-airs.

UBA has the largest exhibition complex for classical and contemporary Bulgarian art - the halls of "Shipka" 6 Gallery and the hall of "Rayko Alexiev" Gallery on "G.S. Rakovski "str. № 125. The exhibition policy is opened to ideas and projects of different nature. The halls of UBA are host of different exhibitions - individual, collective, anniversaries, retrospective, visiting, prestigious international events and avant-garde. The UBA is a member of the following international organizations: AIAP, ICOMOS, IKOGRADA, AIKA

The Expert Council of the UBA

The Expert Council is a structure of the UBA, which, since its creation in 1992, provides expertise, prepare certificates for the authenticity, condition and quality of the artwork. It gives consultations, expertise and evaluations on different questions concerning the visual arts, design, restoration and synthesis forms at the request of state institutions, NGOs, enterprises, institutions, authorities and court investigators, individuals, etc. The Expert Council (EC) of the UBA works on the principle of the retribution.