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  • With Respect to The Mooving Powers - bust of Marcel Duchamp



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Georgi Donov graduated Sculpture at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia (1992). He is one of the non-standard Bulgarian sculptors, achieving the installation effect even in the small forms. Imitation is one thing that is definitely of no interest to him, his works are conceptual, blending poetic sentiment, irony and social pathos. His sculptures have clearly memorable silhouettes, while at the same time their impact is as if the spectator has been offered the non-material idea about the object.

His individual exhibitions are displayed in the gallery "Sapio", Sofia (1992), Gallery "Ave", Sofia (1997), Gallery "HHL", Sofia (2000), Gallery "Lessedra", Sofia (2000), Sofia Art Gallery (2001), Gallery "Art Alley", Sofia - Exhibition "Random dialogue" with George Trifonov (2004) installation "Touching the horizon" in the presentation of the gallery "Triadis" gallery "Shipka" 6, Sofia (2005) , plant "With respect to the moving forces", National Art Gallery, Sofia (2005). Installation "Homage to John Atanasov" is shown in Rozhen fair, held under the patronage of the President of Bulgaria (2000). Holdings of G. Donov in group exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad include annual exhibitions of the section "Sculpture" at the Union of Bulgarian Artists, gallery "Shipka" 6 (1992-2001), exhibition "Dante in Bulgaria", Ravenna (2001) Project "10 megaphone or a clay image of democracy", National Palace of Culture, Sofia (2002) Symposium on Sculpture in Wood, Yasna Polyana, Bulgaria (2003), Festival of Arts "Apolonia", Sozopol (2003 ) Symposium on "Drawing", Sozopol (2005).
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